The systematic approach of the ISO 14001 : 2005 standard obligates us to pay particular attention to all areas where our business has an impact on the environment. Thanks to the successful implementation of the ISO 14001 : 2005 certificate in our injection subsidiary, we have succeeded in reducing waste management costs, energy and material consumption, distribution costs, to improve our company’s image in front of legal bodies and establishments, clients and public bodies.


The quality of processes and results make up a significant competitive factor. Quality management aims to achieve the objectives through the optimal use of resources by means of planning, organisation, control and quality assurance. Frilame’s objective is to obtain quality products that conform with needs, in the requested quantity, and with optimised costs. Quality can be achieved, rather through the prevention of problems than through detecting and solving them after they appear. Our quality system is designed in a way that it meets the requirements of our clients, conforming with the ISO 9001 standards.
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Frilame’s management team has adopted an environmental policy relating to what the company does. This policy’s main aim is to improve activity in protecting the environment, through the efficient use of resources and raw materials.
As we are concerned about the environment, Frilame is committed to conforming with the laws and regulations in force, regarding environmental issues, which involves the prevention of pollution and environmental risks, conforming with the ISO 14001 standards.

Environmental objectives are followed, by:

  • Reducing electrical energy consumption
  • Reducing the quantity of waste that comes from production and the selective controlled storage of this waste, in view of the efficient enhancement of recyclable waste
  • Working with the competent authorities to help preserve the environment
  • Training, awareness-creating and all staff making themselves aware, regarding the importance of the ongoing improvement of protecting the environment.

Frilame’s management team makes sure that the environmental policy is communicated, understood, respected and maintained by all the company’s employees.Respecting the environmental policy is a priority for all of us.